Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Roadshow

Now, I was in YWs. I was (and am still) SO excited! They gave me a medallion, a book, journal, you know the rest. I ended up with 3 For the Strength of Youth pamphlets! I got my temple recommend (can't wait!), and a lot of fun stuff happened.

With YWs comes mutual. With mutual comes a roadshow. With a roadshow comes a dance.

Let me back up. My first mutual was combined and playing Bunco (the boy's idea). After only a few weeks of mutual, we started working on our roadshow. It was The Courageous Youth Hunter. I had fun and was part of a dance in our "cultural event".

After we had a cast party. And STAKE DANCE!!!!!!! I got to go. It was SO fun. Being my first dance, I was ReAlLy excited! I fast danced, I slow danced. Here is my schedule. LOL

Slow Dancing
  • 1 dance+2 seconds with __him_____ (no one will know!!!) omasthay
  • 2 dances with __someone_____ (no one will know!!!) ackjay
  • 1 dance & 1 holding hands session with__he_ (idk know him really) imeonsay

...they had this spoon game and we had to hold hands.

  • 1 dance with ____that guy____ (I can't remember his name) omeonesay
  • 1 dance with ___another one___(no one will know!!!) ollincay

It went something like that. This is random...but... I WON ANIMAL CRACKERS! lol The whole thing was ssssooooooooo fun. I will always remember that dance.

Hint: do you know pig-latin?

My Birthday

I know. This topic should have been covered a LONG time ago, but better late than never, right? My birthday. Oh, it was great.

I had a party with some of my friends. it was covered in PINK and GREEN! We pretended we were at a hotel. My family was the staff- we rang for roomservice, had a morning buffet, complimentary items (eyemasks, shampoo, conditioner), and PARTIED. But just a tip- NEVER LET YOUR GUESTS PICK OUT THE MOVIE!
We heard

"That movie is scary! "

"That movie is cheesy! "

"No, not ThAt one!"

Finally we decided on something (it wasn't on my list of choices!) and had fun. But- I wish I hadn't fallen asleep LOL.

One thing that was especially fun was that Marissa visited the day of the party! We felt her tummy and the girls got to help think of baby names.

Even after the party more fun was coming! But, uh, this post is getting long so... I'll write another with the rest!

A Confession

A new color has made it's way into my favorites.

Yeah, I know!

It is...


But, don't worry... pink isn't going away!

Friday, March 26, 2010


That's right, I'm back. By this point I don't know if anyone will even think of checking my blog! So, we did these essays at school a couple months ago. We sent them to a contest. Out of the whole state, 3 people in our class were part of the top 55 letters. Not only that, but the FIRST PLACE WINNER was among us! We found out and we all knew why- hers was amazing! She is entering it in a national competition and gets a reward for it! She really has talent.

It's cool to say that the winner was in our class :)